Educating the next generation

of Sports business leaders

If you are looking for an executive career in

sports we have something for you

Learning directly from the people who work in the business will give you a clear understanding of what skills you will need. This will give you a real advantage in developing your career in the sports industry


Our programmes are held at Premiership clubs, providing you with behind the scenes tours, speakers from the clubs and key industry experts as well as workshops designed to maximise transmission of knowledge


You will enjoy being based in the heart of some of the world's most famous football clubs and learning from them how they work



The programmes are specifically tailored to give executives an in depth education about all of the key elements in the business of football


Course sizes are limited to 20 participants allowing for close and high quality inter-action with the expert lecturers and speakers


We expect that participants from this course will be equipped to enter or advance careers in executive management

London is one of the most desired

destinations for students and executives 

More international visitors than any other city in the world

40 Higher Education institutions, 67 000 international students

London is the Political, Economic and Cultural capital of Britan. It is a tourists dream

London's diverse culture has created a wide selection of food choices with over 6 000 restuarants 

Home to football/soccer history and some of the most prestigious clubs

London's fantastic transport system, with its Tubered buses and black taxis, will enable you to get around the city quickly and easily




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London, W1J 8DZ